Realtor Services

There are several ways we can assist a Realtor. Working together offers an owner the support needed to buy a second home or get their home sold in today’s market.

HouseSmart Services is the emotional tool in your toolbox for the buyer from out of state who wishes to buy that second dream home. They hesitate to commit due to fear of it being too much work to maintain from a distance and the insecurity of something going wrong while they are not here. These are genuine concerns for such a buyer.

If this buyer had a local company to trust with one call who could watch over and facilitate all the home’s needs, they could buy with confidence knowing it would be a blessing not a burden. With that support they could come to town, turn the key and enjoy this home and all the benefits of owning it. Having that peace of mind would allow them to commit to the purchase.

A vacant home for sale needs regular scheduled maintenance to keep the value up to the sales price and to attract the buyer in today’s market. If your owner has had to relocate and you now have a vacant home for sale the burden of maintenance and security falls to the agent.

Or if you have an owner who says they are going to address the home’s needs from afar but instead have an out of sight, out of mind mentality. Yet they keep asking “When will we get a buyer?” Being asked to maintain the home when you need to be focused on marketing and selling is not efficient or a useful use of your time.

Having an agent working on marketing the property and a property management service overseeing the home’s needs, an owner can feel confident that this professional team is focusing on getting their home “SOLD”!

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