Residential Cleaning

Do you have a rental home or cottage? We can clean before or after yourself or guests.

We can also provide door-to-door regular cleaning, linen-changing and maintenance of your rental, all ready for your next guests.

We also offer Daily Maid Services.

General Cleaning

Our Services include:
  • Pick up and straighten
  • Dust sills, ledges, wall hangings, etc
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust furniture, all surfaces
  • Vacuum all furniture
  • Vacuum floors, carpets, stairs
  • Clean entry & patio door windows
  • Vacuum under beds
  • Change linens, make beds
  • Empty trash
  • Load/unload washer and dryer with linens


Our Services Include:
  • Clean Sinks
  • Wipe Appliance surfaces
  • Wipe Cabinet surfaces
  • Clean counters
  • Mop floor
  • Wash dishes


Our Services Include:
  • Clean sinks, counters
  • Clean, disinfect toilets, tubs, showers
  • Mop floor, disinfect
  • Change towels

Deep Cleaning

Our Services Include:
  • Damp wipe inside kitchen cabinets
  • Detail cleaning of kitchen back splash, counters and appliances
  • Clean inside Oven/s
  • Clean inside Refrigerator
  • Detail cleaning of bathroom tub, shower, shower door, toilet and sink
  • Dust/Clean Chandeliers, lamp fixtures and lamp shades
  • Dust/Clean Fans
  • Dust/Clean Furnace covers


Gift Certificates

HouseSmart offers Gift Certificates for your clients, friends or loved ones; just find the special cleaning project that best fits your needs.

Special One-Time Cleaning Projects

These and other special cleaning projects can be requested between cleanings or just as detail or one time cleaning. HouseSmart prefers environmentally friendly products, nevertheless chemical products are used to remove difficult stains in bathrooms (tub, shower, toilet, sink) or Kitchen (oven, range top).

Pre-Party Cleaning Post-Party Tidy Up

When planning a party or if you are having guests at your home, HouseSmart can clean your complete home in preparation for the event. After your party or event, HouseSmart will clean or tidy up your home for you. Also HouseSmart offers pressure washing and hard floors scrubbing, in the case your party takes place on your porch or patio.

Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning

If you are buying a house or selling your home, HouseSmart offers Move-In / Move-Out cleaning service. Whether you want to leave a clean home for the new owners or want to start a new clean life in your new house, HouseSmart will clean them for you.

Construction Cleaning

New Construction Cleaning and Site Management are services we offer to Lake Oconee and Athens area Builders. All rates are based on heated square foot and include three cleanings, a Pre-Clean or Rough Clean, Final Cleaning and a Touch up Cleaning. All window work is priced separately. Construction Cleaning Service Includes:

Hard Hat


Our Services Include:
  • Pre-start Safety and job review meeting
  • Clean baseboards
  • Vacuum Floors
  • Clean and dust walls
  • Clean paint, mortar, etc from tubs, sinks, floors
  • Thresholds
  • Remove trash and debris to dumpster

Final Clean

Our Services Include:
  • Clean cabinets, tops, in and under all drawers
  • Clean tubs, toilets, showers
  • Mop and vacuum floor
  • Clean air ducts
  • Check windows
  • Clean all countertops
  • Clean appliances and fixtures
  • Clean thresholds, fireplaces, door knobs, hinges
  • Clean all residues from ceramic, hardwood or vinyl flooring products
  • Remove debris and clean all unfinished basement areas, mop floors
  • Dust sills, ledges, and wall and ceiling fixtures
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Vacuum floors and wall-to-wall carpets
  • Vacuum stairs
  • Clean entry & patio door windows

Touch-Up Clean

Our Services Include:
  • Dusting cabinets, counters etc.
  • Clean all countertops
  • Clean appliances and fixtures
  • Mop and vacuum floors
  • Touch-up Window cleaning

Site Management / Debris Removal

New Construction Site Cleanup and Management is a service we offer to Lake Oconee and Athens area Builders. The intention is to offer a service that allows a builder to maintain an organized and safe construction site. This helps to provide an environment with optimal working conditions throughout the duration of the entire construction process. All rates are based on hourly wages.

HouseSmart will set up a system that works for the location and the contractor or builder’s specific needs. From large housing plats, to tight sites on hillsides or alleys, we will keep your site clean and free from debris stacking up.

We begin each work day with a Site walk through. We will inspect the entire site to ensure all areas are debris free and there are no abnormal or unexpected items to report. If we do find anything out of the norm, we report it to the builder immediately so it can be fixed before it becomes a potential cost or hazard.

In addition to a thorough, site-wide cleanup and inspection, we’re on call for you at all times – even for urgent or last-minute calls that require immediate cleanup of a mess or hazard.

Since our trained crews can visit a site multiple times a day or week if necessary; you will never experience debris piling up. Our crews will walk the entire location inside and out and remove all debris. We also rake the site leaving it looking fresh and clean.

Commercial Cleaning

HouseSmart provides high-quality building janitorial services at competitive prices to buildings large and small in our service areas. Working with our company you can expect personalized services tailored to meet your specific requirements. From office buildings to schools, medical centers to warehouses, we can ensure your satisfaction through our commitment to quality and communication. We service both small and large businesses, and all of our customers get the specialized, focused service that meets their needs. We have a strong management infrastructure, which means that we can provide reliable quality control at all times. One of our supervisors is always available to answer your call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so if you have any questions or concerns about your cleaning service, we can address them right away. Call us today and we’ll schedule a consultation and free estimate for the cleaning service that you need.

We work hard to keep our clients’ properties clean for their staff and customers, and look forward to providing you with the same service in the future.

Our nightly cleaning programs are always designed around your specific janitorial needs and may include:

  • Restroom cleaning and disinfecting
  • Trash Removal
  • Recycling programs
  • Stair and elevator cleaning
  • Floor care
  • Disinfecting switch plates, doorknobs, and phones
  • Horizontal surface dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Special projects
  • Window Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing
  • Gutter Cleaning
commercial cleaning

Specialized Cleaning

We offer additional cleaning services such as:

Window Cleaning

HouseSmart can clean interior and exterior of every window in your home including interior or exterior French doors and high second or third story windows. HouseSmart recommends window cleaning in spring, although depending on your homes location, or if you have pets, windows may need an every three or six month cleaning.

Gutter Cleaning

This seasonal task is easily forgotten when mowing the grass, trimming and other repairs takes precedence. However, keeping rain gutters repaired and cleaned prevents many expensive, major home repairs.

Prevent water damage to soffits and fascia, along with drywall repairs and expensive roof leaks with HouseSmart gutter cleaning. We remove the leaves, nuts and twigs that prevent water from flowing off your roof properly and away from your home. A regularly scheduled gutter cleaning extends the life of your roof and protects your home.

Exterior Cleaning

Whether everything from the roof of your house, down to the gazebo, even your dock, we can clean it and get debris off to make everything sparkle. Including:

  • All kinds of roofing (Asphalt shingles, Cedar Shake, Slate, Metal and Tile)
  • Outside walls (vinyl and aluminum siding, soffits, gutters, stucco)
  • Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Rust Stain Removal
  • Vandalism Cleanup
Filled Gutter

Pressure Washing

Keeping the exterior of your home clean will not only make it look great, but it will also reduce maintenance and repair costs making it a smart investment for home and business owners alike.

Even better, you can pressure wash your deck, roof, and concrete parking areas around your home. These types of pressure washing projects are very affordable and can usually be completed in one day. These projects are perfect for cleaning up before family gatherings, parties and prepping real estate for rent.

HouseSmart offers all of these cleaning services along with commercial pressure washing for businesses.