For Clients who live primarily in other locations and have second homes here in the Lake Oconee and Surrounding Areas, HouseSmart Services is a trusted local Company. Not all second homes are closed up for long periods of time, some owners want to come into town when the opportunity arises and appreciates the flexibility that is offered to accommodate each owner and their needs.

Whether it be a spontaneous trip or a trip labored in love, we provide comfort and alleviate some of the stress for local residents who are going away for an extended period of time. Having someone to check on security, water plants, collect mail or packages, or meet any other household requests, allows the owner to leave with confidence knowing their home is being well taken care of.

We watch over the home to protect and preserve the client’s valuable asset. The numbers of visits per month are determined based on owner needs, and the reports are emailed. In the unfortunate event that a security, property damage or maintenance issue arises; we will contact the owner immediately and recommend a course of action.

A second home requires routine maintenance throughout the year. Check out our Specialized Cleaning section for examples of how we can help. We want you to come home and turn the key. Owning a second home should be a luxury not a burden!

We inspect the property and perimeter of the house for:

  • Storm damage
  • Irrigation / Landscape issues
  • Security problems
  • Mail pickup
  • Pest infestations (birds, bees, rodents, etc.),
  • Exterior wall/surface cracks/paint condition
  • Ensure exterior grill gas valve is in off position
  • Crank up and check all vehicles on property

We inspect interior of the house for the following:

  •  Evidence of power outages
  •  Check for proper operation of HVAC system
  •  Check functionality of cable/internet systems
  •  Check security surveillance system
  •  Check water connections and all bathroom plumbing
  •  Ensure all fans and lights are turned off
  •  Ensure HVAC thermostats are properly set
  •  Water house plants
  •  Inspect for evidence of insect, rodent infestation
  •  Ensure stove, oven and warming drawer is powered off

Other services:

  •  Trash can return (as needed)
  • Coordinate Service Providers and periodic maintenance:
    HVAC (Wilson Bryant – or your provider)
    Pest Control (your provider, we can also provide)
    Water Filtration (Metro Water)
    Propane Gas (your provider)
    House cleaning


Whether you are a busy professional, new parent or retiree. Home maintenance and upkeep of a property may be low on the priority list or time schedule.

Our assistance allows an owner to spend their free time enjoying family, friends and hobbies rather than organizing vendors to achieve a maintenance need at home. It takes just one call and we can help solve all your home repair headaches. Our handy man team is professional, licensed, insured, safe, and reliable.

We complete all major and minor home repairs in a quick, efficient manner with high quality, consistent work. This means every home repair, installation, maintenance or odd job is quickly checked off your list.

We also provide after-hours emergency maintenance.